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The mission of the UWL University 进步 Division is to strengthen relationships with university stakeholders and manage engagement and fundraising activities to secure resources and support for the university’s mission and vision. 进步 is an integrated function of 通信, 校友关系, and fundraising which coordinates images, 消息, and constituency engagement activities to disseminate critical information, create powerful experiences, and offer essential services to key constituencies. 

University Marketing & 通信’ mission is "to serve UWL by setting the highest standards for its creative work using the power of words and images to advance its educational mission." The office provides campus news and publication services, web and design services, digital and social media support. Its primary responsibility is to share information about the UWL with the public who influence our success including the campus community, 校友及朋友, current and prospective donors, and the local and global community our campus serves.

校友 relations, through the 本文的校友 Association, works to create a lifetime connection with UWL by building and maintaining relationships among students, 校友, 朋友 and the university.

The development program, in conjunction with the 本文的基础, serves to maximize private gift support for the university. We strive for philanthropic results through donor-centered service and student-focused opportunities in order to enhance the academic activities in instruction, 研究, education and public service.

Vice 总理 of University 进步

格里高利Reichert  配置文件 of 格里高利Reichert

Vice 总理 进步/President Foundation
111 Cleary校友 & 朋友中心


Fundraising, 校友关系, marketing & 通信

麻仁Walz  配置文件 玛伦·华尔兹

Chief 通信 Officer
115A Graff Main Hall


Strategic management of the university-wide integrated marketing and 通信 program, 包括规划, creative development, implementation and assessment of branding, marketing and 通信 efforts.

Legislative Liaison
Joint Planning and Budget chair, '23-'24

简摩根  配置文件 简·摩根

Executive Director Strategic Engagement
110名Cleary校友 & 朋友中心



Bachelor's of Science - Psychology, 1985

Master's of Education Professional Development, 1986

丽莎•克莱因  配置文件 丽莎·克莱因

社区 Engagement Coordinator
佳利律师事务所的校友 & 朋友中心


I am a one-stop shop point of contact to help community members and the university connect.